Noisy Soup

Noisy, hot, delicious…

–Agua Maldita–




At Ayaw Bumitaw

 Silang mga ayaw paawat sa pag sawsaw



At biglang Umismid

Silang naghahanap ng sa init ay pamatid



At tumalon ng sabay

Silang naturingang mga pasaway



Ang mga pusong nananaghoy

 Silang hindi na muling aapak sa apoy…

                              -AGUA MALDITA


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Pinay in Dubay – As of June 27 (PID invades wordpress!!)

How’s everyone?

It’s been ages… LOLS

My absence is not due to lack of ideas. I have wanted to express myself in almost every single detail of my emotions but then, I chose to keep it all for myself for there are times that I think other’s judgments will not help me at all.

I manage to stay on a very low profile for weeks. Talked with very few people, interacted in very limited circumstances, and expressed emotions in very discreet forms.

All this time, I have been keeping all of my thoughts in time para sa kagaya ng mga ganitong pagkakataon that I am very much eager to express myself.

First things first, I managed to say “I love you” to my family. Ilang buwan din ako binubuyo ni Tita to have the guts to express my love for them. But I am just too “chicken” to try. Hehe…

But honestly, it felt so good…

We’ve been to series of SFC activities lately and I just have to be honest that there are times that I felt the exhaustion. I know a hundred times that it shouldn’t be an excuse.. kaso this is reality.. tao ako.. napapagod.. I messed up once in a while… and I am sorry.

Which reminds me of a good friend telling me of how we should always serve God with “Excellence….”

I totally agree with what he said. Nothing is wrong with that. Ang tanong ko lang, sino ba ang nag me measure ng level of excellence…

Iba’t iba naman kasi tayo ng pinagdadaanan.

Like me, I’ve been experiencing lots of pains and sickness recently. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to serve God.

Yun nga lang, I cannot give my perfection due to these harassments… but I do believe that in HIS eyes… HE knew that I did my best…

And for that, i am still excellent.. regardless of those “worldly qualifications”.. hehe

Paminsan minsan..umaatake ang pagiging maldita… kagaya ngayong umaga… itong kaopisina ko na halos doble ang taas ng sahod sakin… hindi marunoong ng Excel kaya kailangan pako abalahin … hmpp..

Ang Bad…

… bigla ko naalala… Always See God in each and everyone.. Sorry po.

Napaka basic na idea yan in my almost 2 years stay sa Singles For Christ… pero mula yan sa puso.

Lagi kasi ako naniniwala…

“We should ALWAYS practice what we preach”.

Ayoko magsalita ng hindi nila makikita sa pagkatao ko… likewise… ayoko din mag panggap dahil di ko kayang mabuhay sa entablado..

Sabi nga.. isagawa mo muna para may maniwala.. hehe


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Whew.. after almost 3 years… I bumped in my wordpress account and all of a sudden I miss blogging….

 Lots of changes.. first and foremost, I am SINGLE now. Lols

 Hmm… So let’s give this space a try.. one more time.

And this time, i’ll do it my way. 🙂

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Working with FF CRUZ is such an honor. I have learned a lot of valuable things and earned a lot of friends…

I MISS the RUSH…i MISS the dust… I Miss those equipment “ala” transfomer (hehe). I miss you guys..

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tired-woman2.jpg        been 3 days with no enough sleep…..preparing billing for the sake of everybody’s “bonus”???? yeah right…

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CHristmas is here!….can see but can’t feel…

As i was preparing my Daily Accomplishment Report for the Alabang Project…”Uy..December 1 na pala!”.. Whew… parang kailan lang, me and my Edcop newbie friends were plotting our michael jackson number for the party. pinoy.jpg

Time flew SOO fast…I don’t feel anything new with me..except for my Licence of course.. parang this is just a copy cat of the previous one. But lets just give it “The benefit of the DOUBT!” Besides, my dad is  coming home in 16 .. and I’ll have my new laptop. Pretty Cool ayt?

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Its been months and its FUN FUN FUN!!

                                                           Just renewgirderded my contract here in the ALABANG VIADUCT Project… part of it. Those who were trapped in the traffic due to these constructions….”we’re very sorry for the inconvenience” lols..

 Its been…more than 3 months and im enjoying my new family…although i miss my edcop family once in a while.

I consider this a great leep moving from a consultant group to a contractor one..everything is  new…and exciting!

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a Whole new World

Tuesday – its my 4th day here at my new job, FF Cruz , and its quite “new” for me to be working on a Construction Firm since i came from a Consultant Company. Anyeways… keep updated!

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Back At EDCOP.

Back to where i belong..the Engineering and Development Corporation of the Philippines!

Started working June 1 of this year 2007. I am now a tru blooded Junior Civil Engineer. Though its just the same company, we have moved from San Juan to Mandaluyong at the Professional Towers….neways. I am just updating my blog.

See yah.

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My Prize, My Curse.

noneMonths passed and its been so long since my last post in my blog. Its good to be back… Is it, really? Back to reality. I’ve been busy studying for the Civil Engineering Licensure examination.Its been long sleepless nights and panic days. No matter how much you prepared for it, nobody can really say that they are prepared when that day comes…..

<fast forward> :bleep bleep:

Ok. So the results came out. YUP! I did it. Happy? Who will not be? All my hardworks and prayers paid off. Thanks for all those people who prayed for me…my family..friends..etc. Days after the results came out in major newspaper… am I still happy?

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